Why my ink cartridge is not work?

REASON 1 : Your cartridge is original or refilled, it can have a electric defect. The reasons of this defect is the damages on the
conductive board of the cartridge. Low conductive using in production, wrong keeping conditions or voltage disorder can cause these types of damages. Printer warns you with lamps because of these conductive defective cartridges. As a result, this cartridge can not be used.
REASON 2 : Cartridges have certain physical life. When it is thought about external factors and keeping conditions, cartridges can be refilled certain times or can not be refilled. Physical deformation, can exist, in conductive, internal mechanism, ink spray mouth or manuel refilling (with hand - wrong refilling methods with drilling and syringe).
REASON 3: Using time is over. Every cartridge (original or refilled) has ay life. If the ink gets deposited or freezes, during the changes of heat, they can not be used definetely.
REASON 4: Printer producers made a waste reservoir in printers. Users do not clean this part. This reservoir is discovered by refillers. If the sponge placed in that part, is filled with waste and ink, cleaning process will make more dirty the cartridge. Printer will not print if the spray channels are blocked. These reservoirs must be cleaned in certain times. Waste reservoir parts are produced, before refilling was not exist. This part gets very dirty and it is filled with ink and wastes because of wrong - hand - refilling.
REASON 5: Why does not the cartridge write although there are no negative conditions?
REASON 6: There is no rule about all refilled cartridges will give positive results 99%. Refilling machines must have these most important properties; Refilling the cartridge without any damages. Must be vacuum the waste ink, clean and wash the cartridge, make automatic air vacuum after refilling, refill with sensitive scale, have all the properties of refilling the cartidges with sponge or tube without damages. This type of refilling machine will give you the best result.


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