How to Start Recycling Cartridge Refill

Only OEM cartridges are unfortunately accepted in most paying recycling programs. An OEM cartridge has never been recycled before and bears the name of the printer brand i.e. HP, Lexmark, Dell etc. Cartridges that have variations of the words “remanufactured”, “compatible with”, “replaces…” or "manufactured from new and used parts" printed on the cartridge will not be accepted by most programs.
Some printer cartridge recyclers accept previously recycled cartridges. The compensation level is however low and only few cartridge models are accepted. Check our lists of printer cartridge recyclers that accept these cartridges.
Printer cartridges that are sent in for recycling needs to be in good condition to be accepted by the recycling companies. Handle your printer cartridge with care and according to the specific instructions given from the recycling service. Be sure to check which cartridges are accepted before you send them in. Recycling companies will only pay for cartridges they accept and some will also charge a penalty for cartridges that are not accepted.
The following inspection criteria can be used before you send in your cartridges. These are enforced by many recyclers and recycling programs offering cash for your cartridges.

Inkjet Ink Cartridges
Make sure that the case is not broken or have cracks
The contact area should be firmly attached to the cartridge case
The flex tape should not be broken and be firmly attached to the cartridge case
The nozzle plate should not have any holes or be broken
One of the key components of an ink cartridge is the nozzle plate / print head. Attached to it are resistors that heat the ink causing it to expand and shoot through the jets onto the paper. The heating elements i.e. the transistors can burn out if you print with an empty ink tank. For this reason, most printers warn you when you are about to run low on ink. Stop printing when warned and change to a new cartridge. Read more on correct ink cartridge handling.
Most Epson and many of Canons ink cartridges only consist of an ink tank making them non-accepted in paying recycling programs. All parts which normally are integrated into the ink cartridge are in these brands inkjet printer models attached directly onto the printer.


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