Our 3 days program is the best option for beginners who want to start their new business on good bases. We will go with you through all the different types of inkjet cartridges so you have a complete knowledge and know how. Leaving our premises you will be confident on how handling your refilling business and 100% ready to start.
Too many people with no proper toner knowledge will want you to believe that Toner refill is easy. Just Melt (a hole) and Pour. This is a very dangerous way of refilling toner, which leads quite often to damaging end user printers and gives poor reputation to our industry. Remanufacturing a toner takes between 5 and 15 minutes depending the models.
Everything needs to be properly stripped down, cleaned and re-assembled. With more than 500 models of toner cartridges on the market, knowledge is everything and you could compare it to a car mechanic job. All cars are similars but they are all different. Toner cartridges are the same.
Taking our 3day training session you will learn what is a toner, how it works and how to refill the most common models. It should be good to get you started but you will quickly find that the toner world is huge and require permanent research from you part.We usually manage to go through 10 toner models in 1 day training.
The best thing to do is for you to enquire around you which models are populars and we will make a specific training program for you. By bringing you own empty cartridges to the training session, you can learn on them and sell them to your customer as soon as you go back home so this is a good way for you to save money.
* For two people (if you have a partner)
        One night to days free accommodation
        Free lunches and dinners

* For one person
       Two nights three days
       Free accommodation
       Free lunches and dinners

Providing personal training about cartridge/toner refilling business.
* Learn how to run a cartridge/toner refilling business  
* Introduce cartridges/toners and differences among cartridges/toner 
* Learn how to refill a cartridge with machine
* Learn exactly which cartridges/toners are used by hundreds of different printers
* Learn how to choose right ink/powder for each cartridges/toners
* Learn how to test the refilled cartridges/toners
* Learn special methods for cartridges/toners
* Learn how to refill faster for greater revenue
* How to know your cartridge/toner has been filled to the correct level
* Learn how to give a professional service to your customers
* Pricing, marketing, advertising and selling clues, tactics
* Learn which complementary & non-complementary goods can be sold to your customers
* You will get certificate of Renkser Refilling Training
And etc…  


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