Who are we?
Renkser is a technology company with its 8 dedicative employees to sustain perfect customer satisfaction thus, to make them happy in inkjet & toner refilling business. Domestically 15 years, in world wide Renkser has been trying hard to give best products, best solutions in reasonable prices to its client as well as a deep consulting & training in inkjet & toner refilling business. Renkser is originally a Turkish company, located in Ankara, capital city of Turkiye..
Ideas behind our Products
“If you’e happy, we’re happy!” The philosophy we aim to reach in every activity in our business. We experienced that in world wide business and remanufacturing product as much as happy you make your customers, you are successful. To sustain happiness we try hard to understand our clients and potential clients.
Therefore, Renkser strictly keeps three main ideas behind its products to reach the highest quality & higher standards;
-Long lasting, durable
            To make long lasting durable products
-User friendly
            To make easy use products, everyone can use and work lovely with it.
-High technology.
            To develop new technologies, new designs, unique specifications in every products. Even in small plastic products.
These three main ideas bring us success among competitors, these brings values high quality & unique products in the market.
1.     Distinction in Design and Conception
Renkser filling machine is not an imitation of any other machines existing in the world. It has been produced with special designs and has become a new concept in refill industry. A fresh style has been created that gives the opportunity of easy use even for people who are not familiar with this sector.
2.     An Ergonomic Project; designed for ease of use
It has been designed for maximum comfort, efficiency, safety, and ease of use in the workplaces.
Renkser filling machines offer 2x16 LCD screen, touch buttons, portable ink bottles, high customization options with adjustable settings for personal usage. Practical and simple problem elimination since the case of the machine can be opened easily and the problem can be identified and solved by the user owing to uncomplicated design.
3.     Safety Precautions
In order to prevent sudden ink flow caused by the user’s accidentally touching of a button, the buttons of the machine can only be activated after pressing two buttons.
While the sensitive needles are inside their space, even if the filling process is started, the machine automatically stops the operation.
In cases of any high current density that may arise in the pumps, the electronic card automatically guards itself giving a warning message on the screen.
Main card fuze protects the machine with 220 walt isolation, 220 power fuze and a spare fuze. This protection is the same for the user and the service.
4.     Filling With Special Sensitive Needles
While filling with Renkser cartridge filling machines, you do not need to know how much ink quantity must be filled  for which cartridges. The machine automatically adjusts ink quantity. Color, magenta and yellow ink are filled in equal levels. When the necessary ink quantity is filled, the machine stops the operation automatically. The machine does not make overflow or leak.
5.     Filling With Dripping Method
Renkser filling machines fill ink into the cartridge very slowly using dripping method through special sensitive needles. Since the sponge within the cartridge is filled very slowly, there is no need for vacuum chamber. The sponge is filled perfectly and fully.
6.     Diversified Function
With Renkser cartridge filling machines;
1        When you would like to change the brand of ink or want to use the inks of different cartridge models, the machine can clean inside the tubes and there will be no remaing old ink.
2        When tube channels are clogged, the machine cleans inside of them by vacuuming.
3        When there is color contamination within color cartridges, the machine washes the sponges smoothly.
4        Residues within sponges in cartridges can be cleared away.
5        The machine can go on to fast filling operation when necessary.
6        In model B machines, every new cartridge model can be filled through “filling via clips” unit.
7        The requested ink gram can be adjusted.
8        With portable bottles, the user can immediately use different brands of ink.
9        Three vacuuming option exist: 1)Through nozzle 2)With needle 3)With clips
10    In black part, many different cartridge models can be filled with a single clip.
11    The ink in cartridges that are filled through black clip can be sent to either waste or tank with vacuuming method.
7.     Full Digital Control
You can adjust Renkser cartridge filling machines according to your own personal choices and can control refill operations. You can realize the settings below and some other simliar settings as well:
a)      The ink gram and quantity settings
b)      Pressure and power settings
c)      The speed of rotating clip
d)      Sensitive needle settings
e)      Time, back and forward settings of all pumps   etc.
8.     Automatic Defect Finding System
Renkser cartridge filling machine tests itself at the very beginning and shows the defected system on the digital screen and informs the user. If there is any defect in the machine, the user is informed about the origin of the the problem.
9. Digital Counter
With Renkser cartridge filling machines, it is possible to see the number of filled, unfilled and defected cartridges since the user starts using the machine. 
10.Language Selection
 Renkser filling machines offer four language options to its users including Turkish, English,     German and French.


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