Universal Black Cartridge Refill Machine - 215 EURO
Universal Black Cartridge Refill Machine - 215 EURO

General description of Nerms Refill Machines System:

Its a non-electrical inkjet cartridge refill system.

Its universal for nearly all types of black and color cartridges.

It has two different refill unit for vacuum and refill.

Waste ink is not mixed on the nozzle or refill tubes.

We used tap system for refill process.Tap system is became refilling very easy and useful.

In black cartridges refilling is done through the nozzle.You dont need to remove or damage labels.

In color cartridges refilling we used automatic needle systems.You need to know where is the colors or remove the labels.Needles are not give any damage to labels so you do not need to change labels.You can use with original labels.

In both colors vacuum and refill process is doing from the nozzles.

In tap system is working like on/off buttons.You need to turn the tap through the refill process.

As Renkser, we have been the first to introduce derlin into refill industry for the most quality refill systems We used ‘’DELRIN’’raw materials for refill unit.Its very hard and durable plastics. Owing to these technical specifications, derlin is mostly used in making machine moulding parts in all sectors. It is used to make gearwheel, cam, rolling mill courses, conveyor systems, pin, screw, piston, mile, courses that are exposed to extreme load etc. In main body we used chrome raw material.

In BK Black machine has one refill part one vacuum part.System is made by syringe.

In CK Color machine has three refill part one vacuum part.System is made by syringe.

You can prepare manuel ink level capasity.

We used 500ml ink bottle for black machine.If you want  you change the ink tank with bigger one.

In color machine we used 250ml ink tank.If you want you can change the ink tank with bigger one too.

Both machines coming with all necessary spare parts in special boxes.



Nerms non electrical refill machine’s refill adaptor is produced from delrin raw material.

Its very hard and strong plastic.

We used chrome body for main board.

We used tap system.Usage is very easy.You need to follow the arrow way

Its non-electrical refill machine.You dont need to electric.

Its very ergonomic-economic and all adjustments are very easy

It has refill and vacuum system.

Its universal refill machine.

You can refill HP 21-27-56-74-75-92-94-96-98-100-140-141-142-336-338-350 series / HP 130-339-850-818-860xl / HP 300-300XL-900-900XL-901/Canon PG 37-40-50 series

We give 2 years warranty.

Package is include extra nozzle silicone/ usage cd/ extra syringe / 500ml black ink

Its delivery with Nerms original package.

Package size: 25x27x17cm

Package weigh:1.750gram

Nerms size:19x25x10cm

Nerms weight:1.150gram

Video: http://www.nermsrefill.com/nerms-black-video


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